Mandala design: What is it and how it works into wellfulness


Mandala design is considered to be an artistic and spiritual piece of work with more of a concentric design.

Its religious association makes it sometimes to be referred as sacred geometry or sacred circle. Initially, mandalas depicted the fantasies present in universe and were used for reflective practices like meditation.

Mandalas can be defined in various ways. For instance, according to spiritual, terrestrial, and administrative symbolism. What comes into our minds when we think of the word mandala is some complex drawing.

One of the famous examples of a visual mandala is the Tantra Buddhist Kalachakra; it . . .

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Petra is studying Psychology in Media and Communication in London. In the meanwhile, apart from studying for her exams, she is pursuing her passion for people, human behaviour and the health of the mind as our Junior Spark. Her interests are food, she also has a foodie page on Instagram @HungryPetra, discovering the world and learning the nitty gritty of running a business from her mom.