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Top, Quick And Easy Meditation For Headaches


Have you ever tried meditation for headaches? For so many of us, the advent of spring brings with it the annual search for remedies for seasonal headaches and low moods. Because the combination of new weather, pollution and altered levels of sunlight can wreak havoc on our minds and bodies.

Whether it is spring, summer or winter, a new season can require more than just changes to our wardrobe. The earth’s rotation means that at specific points in the year, our body clocks have to adjust to differing amounts of daylight.


With each change our bodies are forced to construct a new pattern for sleep. These bodily changes can be the cause of our headaches and altered mood.

The mixed bag of weather that the new season brings can negatively affect our bodily mechanics. Sinus problems can be triggered by lowered barometric pressure and the influx of pollen, as our blood vessels dilate and sinuses become inflamed. With the trigeminal nerve at the centre of all of the action, its connection to our eyes means that our eyes can suffer too.

Unlike other headache triggers, seasons are beyond our control. So what to do? One of the best, proven natural remedies is to use meditation.


Meditation For Headaches Step-By-Step


How does it work? It is simple. As you relax, you can alter your physiological state naturally and combat the physical symptoms caused by your headache.

  1. Lying or sitting in a comfortable position, close your eyes and breathe deeply.
  2. Relax your shoulders, neck, head then arms. Breathe slowly, taking your time to exhale with each deep breath.
  3. Focus your breathing. Follow the breath as it moves down through your body, feeling the tension leave your body as you exhale.
  4. Keep breathing. Turn your attention to the area where your headache is. As you breathe in, feel a warm glow flood the area. Unfurl the tension and feel it work its way down and out of your body as you exhale.
  5. As you breathe in again, feel the breath work its way back up to your head. Let the warm glow fill your head and follow the tension as it unravels, exiting your body as you exhale. Repeat.
  6. As you breathe in this time, feel the warmth spread across your forehead, down across your eyelids, across your cheeks, down past your chin, relaxing your head as the warmth spreads down through your neck.
  7. All the time, feel the tension uncurling and leaving your body as you breathe it away. Feel the warmth flow across your shoulders and down your spine, across your lower back and down your legs. All the while, your body is becoming more and more relaxed as the tension leaves.
  8. Feel the warmth in your feet, toes, fingers, hands. Feel the tingling sensation as your hands and feet feel heavy and relaxed.
  9. Listen to the quiet around you – keep breathing, feel your body, warm, calm and relaxed. Begin to count with each inhale, letting the sense of rest and relaxation wash over you.
  10. As you exhale say the word relaxed long and slow as the breath leaves your body. Continue to 7.
  11. Return to deep breathing. Slowly wiggle your fingers and toes.
  12. When you are ready, open your eyes.


This meditation for headaches is a perfect tool to use as soon as you feel the headache starting. In case of insomnia, try a meditation for sleep.


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