A Shopping List Of Meaningful Leisure Time Products


There are leisure time products that make a real difference in our lifestyle. They worth the investment which, by the way, is far from being a fortune. But spending a bit on these items every now and again, could be saving you a fortune of priceless wellness.

Habitually, we buy all sorts of things all the time. From shoes that are a must-have but turn into a never-wear, to lots of food that ends up thrown away.


We never question this kind of expenses because we are constantly encouraged by commercials to make them, even when it exceeds our budget by far.


Being surrounded by tones of information, it can get quite hard at times to make a meaningful difference when spending our money. feeling pressured, we tend to invest a lot in our appearance aiming to fit into our society standards.

It is perfectly understandable, it happens to everybody, even to the most avid mindfulness practitioners and that’s ok. But we tend to forget about the importance of being beautiful and at peace on the inside; and this is something to reflect on.


Leisure Time Products For Mindfulness Practice


Anyway, apart from our usual shopping list, there are these products we might often forget about or even never consider adding them to our basket. Here is a guide of buyings for our mind and soul and, most important, for our leisure time that is worthy of our full investment. Because it’s so limited that we have to make the most of it and because once it’s gone, we cannot just rewind and replay.

Invest in books

Beautiful old school printed books. It may sounds like a pretentious conservative choice especially these days when everything is already digitalised. But nothing compares to the time spent on reading the old fashioned way: you and your book only, the touch of paper, the smell of ink, the handwritten pencil notes on a page bottom.

We cannot find this space of clarity and peacefulness online. It opens up so rarely to us that it would be a shame not to benefit of it every time we have the chance to.


Don’t get us wrong, we love audiobooks and ebooks, too. They are technology wonders, they ease our way to new ideas especially when we are on the go.


It would be foolish to fill our luggage with hardcover books for a two weeks holiday, for example. Or to waist hours and hours while driving around the city or traveling on the subway instead of making the most of a rush hour by listening to an audiobook.

But, in this particular case, we are talking about that special leisure time when we can afford to just let us be carried away to a beautiful place. To a place remote from our day-to-day reality, a place where we can recharge. A place entirely of our own, where reading becomes almost a meditation.

Our favourite reading these days

leisure time products Marcus Aurelius Meditations

Pay for music

We are aware of the fact that almost everything music-related could be found for free on the internet. And here we are, standing for this idea of buying music at least from time to time.

First of all because a mindfulness practice implies both our daily exercises and our constant interaction with the world around. And we believe that it is a part of a mindful lifestyle to honour the artists by paying for their work. Especially when we have the choice of not doing it.

Secondly, buying music allows us to access specialised online libraries or custom built playlists helping us with our practice. There is a lot of random meditation music around the web, for example. But the most effective and helpful music is already on the money.


We might think sometimes that we can’t afford another spending. Or that we’d better save our money for something more pressing than listening to a good music selection. The point is, we make a lot of really useless spendings monthly.


If we just give up a coffee a week it would be enough to build a nice music library of our own, with everything we need set and easy to access while traveling – from meditation to relaxation, from good night’s sleep to simply entertaining.


Our favourite playlist these days


leisure time products Breathing into stillness

Buy a mindfulness kit

If you’re new to the mindfulness practice, you need support, that’s for sure. You need a little bit of guidance and a lot of love to succeed with this goal of yours. Because mindfulness is about significant changes in your lifestyle and in your perspective on life, too. And it takes a lot of effort and courage to engage in this special journey. The biggest challenge when we are taking this road is to realise that we are not alone, apart from everything familiar and at hand.

Starting from our own experience with the challenge of mindfulness, we got together a life changing kit. It is a selection of some leisure time products which have been helping us for years to develop and sustain our practice.

  • The best help for our body during our meditation sessions is a cushion. Without one, it would be too difficult to keep our spine straight and remain focused on the practice at the same time.
  • The best support for our mind is the practice of starting our days with some kind words written down on mindfulness cards. This is not about some wisdom phrases, it is about the daily routine of lifting up our mood by thinking for a few minutes to the meaning of those words only.
  • The best way to decompress after stressful days is by lighting an aromatherapy candle and relaxing for as much as we can afford. Sometimes it could be one minute, other times it could be half an hour. The point is to put a stop in our monkey mind vertigo, before going to bed.
  • The best type of meditation, whenever we are too stressed out or to tired to succeed with simply concentrating on breathing, appears to be the guided meditation. A good selection of guided meditations should be welcomed in anyone’s daily practice, especially in the beginning.

That being said, we wish you a mindful shopping spree of leisure time products. Don’t ever forget to invest in your quality time with yourself, in your mind and your soul.


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