Thought-Provoking Self Improvement Questions


Ten years ago it was easy to keep up with the latest self improvement book – you had less responsibility. These days time to yourself is rare. And so your moments to focus on self improvement have been put to one side.

However, that does not have to be the case. Self improvement does not have to be time-consuming. That you can still have time for better yourself when you are busy.


Why Does Self Improvement Matter?


Because it affects every aspect of what you do, say and think. Like our daily nourishment for our body, self improvement is food for our mind – and we need it daily if we can.
Just as we expend energy physically, we expend energy emotionally too. Added to that are the many toxic messages that we internalise each day.


The messages that put distance between who we are and what we project to other. Thus, we need to make time to reboot our minds each day. To refresh, rethink and reconnect to who we are.


How do we do that when we are busy? Easy. Firstly you need to know that our busiest times are when we need time for self improvement the most. Read on for seven quick, thought-provoking questions that you can ask yourself. One question for each day, so that you can experience self improvement when you are busy.


Six Quick, Thought-Provoking Self Improvement Questions


1. What can I learn from this today?

Improvement is about about growth. In order to grow we have to constantly absorb new perspectives and ideas. We have to challenge ourselves to reflect on our own thoughts and actions, to consider how they could be better.

We can’t do that on our own. To reflect, we need to expand our horizons beyond ourselves. Listen and reflect on: a quote, a few minutes Ted Talk ritual, an inspirational video, or a couple of lines from a book or blog. There will always be a line or two that strike a chord.

Reflect on the words. Ask yourself: What can I learn from this today? Why did this resonate with me? What I learn from them today? How can I apply this new learning during the day today?


2. What three things am I grateful for today?

Research has shown that gratitude can transform the way we feel about ourselves and our lives. Take a moment each day to ask yourself: What three things am I grateful for today? Some days you may find yourself thinking about more than three, for others three may be enough.

Ask yourself: What can I see, feel or hear around me that I am grateful for? Who am I grateful for? How far have I come since this time last year?


3. What can I do for someone else today?

It is a fascinating twist of nature, science shows that by doing something for someone else, we feel happier about ourselves.

Ask yourself: What can I do for someone else today? What kind message could I say or write to someone today? Who could I help today? Who could I forgive today?


4. How can I be kind to myself today?

It always startles me when I ask myself the question- would I talk to my friends like this? We are so hard on ourselves. If we stop to show ourselves the same kindness that we show to others, we can change our self-loathing to self-love.

Ask yourself: How can I be kind to myself today? What do I need today? What do I need to forgive myself for today? What should I be proud of myself for today? What do I like about myself today? How can I treat myself today?


5. How can I be kind to my body today?

In the same way, we are often so mean to our bodies. We forget that our bodies are machines that need the right fuel and maintenance to work. Fuel from food and thought, maintenance from exercise and self-care.

Ask yourself: How can I be kind to my body today? What is my body telling me today? What does my body need today? What can I do to look after my body today? What do I like about my body today?


6. What can I do today that scares me?

Fear is the thing that keeps us from growing. It keeps us frozen. If you want to achieve your potential, in the words of Susan Jeffers, you have to ‘feel the fear and do it anyway. Start where you are and do it afraid. The funny thing about it is, from Bill Gates to Beyonce, they will all tell you that yes, they feel fear like everyone else, but they go ahead and do it anyway.

Ask yourself: What can I do that scares me today? What am I afraid of today? What do I want to do today, but am too afraid to actually carry it out? What can I do afraid today?

By asking yourself any one of these thought-provoking questions at any moment of the day, you can allow yourself valuable moments to refresh, rethink and reconnect with yourself. Precious time for self-improvement that allows us to grow, find peace and fulfilment.


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A vibrant lifestyle writer from London, Charlotte has been passionate about wellbeing and positivity for over twenty years. Beginning with a life-changing summer when she read the autobiographies of Oprah Winfrey and Maya Angelou at the age of thirteen, Charlotte’s desire to live ‘on purpose’ was set. Over the years, her journey has taken her through the books, blogs and videos of all the best, as well as many wonderful sessions of yoga, pilates and meditation. Charlotte is a busy freelancing mum, with a long career in education, training and writing.

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