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A Beautiful 5 Minutes Meditation for Good Sleep


Few years ago, facing serious trouble sleeping and being against any form of medication, I tried, desperately and cautiously, a meditation for good sleep.

The practice was suggested to me by a therapist and my hopes about it weren’t very high. However, I agreed to it, since, for weeks, there was no other way for me to fall asleep.

Despite my obvious doubts, I was committed to taking it seriously, so I have done it by the book, exactly the way I was told to. It took me as little as 5 minutes to crush and a lot longer to research and understand how that was even possible.


How Does a Meditation for Good Sleep Work?


In my quest to solve the mystery of the best sleep I have had in a very long time, I read lots of articles on meditation and insomnia. I realised I haven’t been part of a minority the Universe punished with long restless nights, as I used to think, but one of the millions around the world struggling to fall asleep for too many nights in a row.

I also found out that the main reason people struggle with long term insomnia is, actually, the worry about not being able to fall asleep.
Of course, everything starts with being stressed.


When a stress trigger is pushed, our body notices the event and prepares to protect us. To do that, the body must be awake and focused. That’s why it is not a good idea to take to bed the problems, frustrations and the harmful thoughts that burden us.


Let alone going to bed angry, fighting with someone or victimising ourselves. Doing so, our mind tries to find a solution and our body remains awake, ready to solve the problem. Of course, chances that a solution pops up out of nowhere are small. Most likely we will shortly fall asleep out of exhaustion and then hopelessly wake up in the middle of the night.

Reading about all of these I understood, even if I am not a religious person, the purpose of the little prayer my grandmother taught me as a child. It was a way to detach from everything negative and to find some sort of peace of mind before going to bed. Meditation works exactly the same.


A Mantra Meditation for Good Sleep: Om Agasti Shahina


The meditation I was recommended is best described by Deepak Chopra. He explains that, even when we lie in bed peacefully, without sleeping, our body gets almost the same rest as it would if we were asleep. The one condition is to remain as still as we can for as long as possible, thinking of nothing else but our breath.


How to practice this meditation for good sleep

  • Lie on a side or on your back and pay attention to the breathing, inhalation and exhalation, without trying to modify it.
  • Observe and come back to it every time something else – a sound, a though, an emotion, a sensation – distracts you.
  • Notice the length of the breath, the way it becomes rhythmic and peaceful.
  • Then, when ready, repeat mentally this mantra: Om Agasti Shahina. Slowly, progressively lower the mental voice till the mantra becomes a whisper.
  • This pace spreads into the consciousness, changing the vibration and guiding the brain to a restful place. Freed from anxieties and worries, the body falls asleep deeply.

You can find this guided meditation for good sleep on YouTube, so you can make the most of it even as a beginner. At the time I wasn’t very familiar with meditation either, but it helped me a good deal to overcome my insomnia problems.



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