Why Being Grounded Is Such A Big Deal


Being grounded. Ground yourself! Work on grounding yourself. Once heard almost exclusively within yoga communities and meditation retreats, these days, being grounded is a hot topic everywhere you go. Why?

Talk of grounding and how to ground yourself is everywhere. At present, grounding is a popular topic in big corporations, from offices, leadership training, schools and mindfulness classes.


In addition, you may also have noticed that it is increasingly turning up in discussions throughout the arts and sports industries. Musicians, actors, dancers, athletes and medical communities open up more and more to alternative therapies.


This change is happening all over the world, from Asia to Europe and the U.S.

When we talk about grounding, we mean yoga classes, grounding workshops, grounding rituals and even grounding foods. Wondering exactly what grounding is and why it is such a big deal?


Being Grounded Is The New Empowerment Tool


From a spiritual, eastern perspective, being grounded means being in touch with our mind and body, whilst being remaining in line with the ground which supports us, as well as the nature that surrounds us.

A western approach to grounding relates to igniting our greatest potential, at its best. In fact, both eastern and western approaches refer to an ultimate state of being, of being in complete control of our emotions, feelings and actions.


The goal is to improve every area of our life, from job performance, to relationships and the joy that we find in each day.


To do this we have to gain a deep understanding of where do our limitations come from. Of the triggers that make us feel, think and act a certain way, as well as the real reasons behind them.


Benefits Of Being Grounded


  • The benefits of being grounded are to gain control over anxiety, stress, procrastination, panic and sadness. How is it achieved? By getting in touch with our most authentic self, our deepest desires and aspirations.
  • By releasing ourselves from our self-limiting beliefs and social biases.
  • Enabling us to find balance, live in the present and accept realities as they are rather than the distorted version that our minds tend to feed us.


The Top Most Powerful Ways To Ground Yourself



Practicing a 5 to 10 minute morning meditation every day is a great way to keep in touch with the patterns of your body and mind.

How to do it:

  • Find a comfortable sitting position and take a few deep breaths, maybe 10 to 15. After that stop focusing on controlling your breath and instead, pay attention to the quality of your breath. Notice
  • Turn your attention from your breath to your body. Begin to scan your body, noticing the sensations that you feel from the tip of your toes to the top of your head. Notice any discomfort, pain or negative feelings that you encounter.
  • Now move on to your thoughts. Let the thoughts come, notice them and let them go without analysing them or judging yourself for having them.



At the end of your meditation write down all of the things that you noticed about your breath, body and thought.

How to do it:

  • Keep it up as a daily activity and after 3-4 weeks, you will begin to see the patterns that make you anxious, angry or sad. As well as those that led to feelings of calm, joy and positivity.
  • You can use these observations to find ways to overcome the triggers that lead to negative feelings and build more of those that lead to positive feelings.


Leisurely walks amongst nature

Whenever you can, take a long walk through a park, forest, or along a sandy.

How to do it:

  • Notice the different colours, sounds and aromas that you encounter.
  • If you can, take off your shoes so that you can feel the ground.
  • Play with your balance, switching from one leg to the other until you reach a point of perfect equilibrium. A point that is easily recognisable because you will feel your body get lighter and taller.



Ayurveda recommends including grounding foods into your diet for the root chakra – the chakra in charge of grounding. Grounding foods include earthy potatoes, carrots, turmeric and ginger, roots and tubers that come from deep in the ground.


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