Why Being Grounded Is Such A Big Deal


Being grounded. Ground yourself! Work on grounding yourself. Once heard almost exclusively within yoga communities and meditation retreats, these days, being grounded is a hot topic everywhere you go. Why?

Talk of grounding and how to ground yourself is everywhere. At present, grounding is a popular topic in big corporations, from offices, leadership training, schools and mindfulness classes.


In addition, you may also have noticed that it is increasingly turning up in discussions throughout the arts and sports industries. Musicians, actors, dancers, athletes and medical communities open up more and more to alternative therapies.


This . . .

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Radiana is an editorial and marketing content strategist and creator. She is inspired by the people she has been working with during her 20 years long publishing journey, as well as the people she meets while traveling and those part of her yoga practice.All her projects are driven by her passion and her commitment, becoming a member of each community she engages with.